• SCHOOL IS one of the 6 prisons to ESCAPE FROM during authentic adulthood initiatory processes

    1. Your mother's belly.

    2. Your parents' rules and context.

    3. The School System.

    4. Your nationality and your religion.

    5. Modern culture's economy and lifestyle.

    6. The Patriarchy.

    The Context of School

    The Memes of School

    Knowing, Knowing, Knowing


    your feelings have not been seen or acknowledged

    your authority for having feelings has been undermined

    You have huge amounts of grief, fear and anger about your time in school.

    What happened to you?


    The importance is to feel it.



    You might have great joy to discover that something else is possible


    Take your Authority to Read

    Take your Authority to Write

    Take your Authority to Sing

    Take your Authority to Paint

  • What if I liked school...?

    School was an escape

    I could escape from a home that was dangerous, abusive, or unsupportive in other ways.

    I was good in school

    Most people who take the job of schoolteacher or college professor were good in school. They obeyed the external authorities and got recognition by the school system for this. They decided that since they are good at school they could work within the school system that recognized their talent at being a good student.


    If 'good students' do not become teachers, they often stay in the academic environment and pursue masters degrees and doctor degrees one after the other. It is a safe environment for them.

  • Learning beyond school

    Linear vs. Nonlinear Learning

    Defensive vs. Expansive Learning

    Building Matrix

  • LEARNING Experiments

    To get out of the school context, step by step...

    Go without reason

    Move into the Unknown

    Go at the edge of your Box, outside of your Marshmallow Zone.

    Learn to Look Bad

    Become an Experimenter

  • The team

    When you try to be on a Team in school, you are cheating...

    School is based on competition.

    Expansive Learning, Transformational Learning takes a Team

    It takes a Team to do this kind of learning

    Next Culture Learning (Learning In Archearchy) Takes Place In A Torus

    Teams within Teams, Circles within Circles


  • Experiments THE TEAM

    Heal Competition

    Build Your (Possibility) Team

  • PARTICIPANT Comments

    sharing from personal experience...

    From a recent 3-hour online Heal From School workshop

    navigated by Anne-Chloé Destremau and Clinton Callahan

    Aloha I wanted to share what an impact Heal From School has had on me. Since our session, I've been in a kind of altered state of experimenting - particularly around discernment and artwork. It's been amazing! I think it was about 6 years ago I participated in a rage hold and had a reset that lasted many years. I'm very grateful to you for sharing your work with the world, mahalo

    - Letta Jones